#EaglePride and #EaglePrideNationwide

Tweet #EaglePrideNationwide for Joplin Schools

Tweet #EaglePrideNationwide for Joplin Schools

Use #EaglePride and #EaglePrideNationwide as the official hashtags for motivating Joplin teachers and students during their return to school. (For you non-tweeters, you can use them on Facebook, too!) August 15th is Back to School week! Give it a shot, and spread the word with your version of the tweet below!

Aug 15 is #BackToSchool week for the Joplin Eagles. I’m spreading optimism, encouragement and #EaglePrideNationwide for tornado recovery!

  1. August 15: Teacher’s Back To School Pep Rally
  2. August 17: First Day of School
  3. August 19: Eagle Pride Day
  4. August 22: Joplin’s first full week back to school
  5. August 23: NYC and St. Louis Back-to-Joplin-Schools fundraisers

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