About Us

Who We Are:

Joplin Expats is a non-profit organization started by a group of native Joplinites who now reside elsewhere, but are dedicated to the short and long-term recovery and rebuilding of Joplin, Missouri after its devastating tornado of May 2011.  The organization is the first official Joplin alumni association to unify Joplin expatriates residing across the United States and the world, Joplin school alumni, Joplin residents as well as businesses and other organizations.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Joplin Expats organization is to aid in Joplin’s rebuilding and growth by strengthening the ties between the expats, alumni, supporters and the community of Joplin.

Our efforts will be mostly focused on two major community pillars:  the education of Joplin students and the small business economy.

Our Objectives:

1.  To build a resourceful expat and alumni community across the country and within the Joplin area that will ensure each member is able to connect with and strengthen their ties to the Joplin community.

2. To create partnerships with Joplin’s organizations, schools, businesses and civic leaders in order to understand and quickly respond to needs as they develop and change through the rebuilding stages.

3. To maintain the awareness of Joplin’s rebuilding needs and continuously promote Joplin as a viable economy in Southwest Missouri.

Our Projects Currently in Progress:

    • Adopt–a–Classroom program with the Joplin School District
    • Youth & Career mentorship for Joplin students
    • Internships at Expat-managed businesses
    • Joplin Expat Scholarship Fund
    • Volunteer events in the school system by visiting Expats
    • Fundraising events in Joplin and in our Expat-communities around the country
    • Multi-Media projects to aid in our mission of maintaining awareness
    • Membership drive for Joplin Expats

The current Board of Directors of Joplin Expats is working very hard putting together the essential foundations and resources to establish a successful non-profit organization and a unified alumni association. In less than three weeks following the tornado, Joplin Expats:

    • Became a registered non-profit corporation in the State of Missouri
    • Gathered nearly 850 Facebook “Likes”, received over 111,000 views with 2,000 active users.
    • Aggregated the contact information and commitments from nearly 300 dedicated global Expats (and the list is growing every day)

We all have roots in Joplin, are in this for the long term and anticipate our organization to evolve as the community of Joplin evolves.

We would love the opportunity to share our vision with you, your organization or your business and to learn more about your needs as Joplin rebuilds.  Please contact one of the current Board Members below for more information.  To join the Joplin Expats in making a difference in Joplin, please click on Membership, submit your information and an Expat will contact you.  Thank you in advance for your support!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Heather Huffman Dominiak
JHS Class of 1989
New York, NY
heather.dominiak (at) joplinexpats (dot) org

Todd Greene
JHS Class of 1995
New York, NY
todd.greene (at) joplinexpats (dot) org

Andrea Hicklin

JHS Class of 1995
Washington, D.C.
andrea.hicklin (at) joplinexpats (dot) org

Patty Huffman
Lived in Joplin over 30 years. Raised 3 JHS Graduates.
San Francisco, CA
patty.huffman (at) joplinexpats (dot) org

Denise Thomas Joly
JHS Class of 1994
New York, NY
denise.joly (at) joplinexpats (dot) org

4 responses to “About Us

  1. Good Morning,
    I love seeing this!!! I am an 84′ graduate of Parkwood High School. I had not caught this sight until today! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about how to help in Joplin and people who may need help. We have a group of 84-85′ Parkwood Graduates that have had one “work” weekend so far to help out. I love what you are doing and I will pass the word.

  2. Kris,
    We appreciate your enthusiasm! I didn’t see your name on our membership list, so please click on Membership and submit the form. We will have opportunities for expats and alumni to get involved, get connected and help Joplin. Thanks for spreading the word!

    Andrea Hicklin
    Joplin Expat Co-Founder/Vice President

  3. Jeneane Tune Ryan

    Just located this site. Thank you! I also realized I entered my street address and not my city/state. Could you please update for me? I live in Naperville, IL 60564. Thanks again

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